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Welcome back to your free Tennis Profits account. As a free member, you have access to the following (there’s also a video explainer further down the page)…

A selection of matches (highlighted in yellow) each day
Click or tap on a highlighted row to view the in-depth trading stats we offer for every match every day

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A ‘snapshot’ from the Trading Stats Report each day
You’ll be able to see data from one tour for one trading strategy daily, as follows:

Every Day: Surface = All, Period = 1 Year
Monday: Tour = ATP, Strategy = Key Stats
Tuesday: Tour = WTA, Strategy = Back The Server
Wednesday: Tour = Challenger, Strategy = Lay The Leader
Thursday: Tour = ITF, Strategy = Lay Set 1 Winner
Friday: Tour = ATP, Strategy = Back The Server
Saturday: Tour = WTA, Strategy = Lay The Leader
Sunday: Tour = All, Strategy = Swing Trading
Watch the short video below for a full walkthrough of what you get as a Free member 👇